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So, here is the deal. I have a little venting to do at Kickstarter. I worked on a very good presentation, way better then I ever did when I obtained a business loan years ago. It took a whole week into a weekend to map it all out and make sure it looked it's best. I launched, and was sure that we would get the donations we needed to make the book version of The Halloween Project come to life. Less then 12 hours later, and in looking in on the campaign I saw that we already had a dontion or $1. and another of $100. I was elated. I thought, yeah people get it and want to support us. Then at one hour before it was up a full 24 hours, I get an email from Kickstarter telling me the project was failing. I had ONLY 38% visiting my campaign and as it looked to their demographics, based upon other campaigns like mine I was set to fail.  This is less then 24 hours mind you. So I went from excited and pumped to flat in the ground. I slept on it, with that drifting off feeling of wow, I have already failed. Way to support and encourage Kickstarter. The next day I did some homework. Saw that they do this to everyone, and as cold as it was, they stand by it. They read your future and decide if it is going to live or die. I also read that a small percentage of campaigns actually end up making the mark. Then I read of the amount of time others put into their campaigns and what I needed to do to get mine to survive. Almost 12 hours a day. OMG??!!! After calming down I put before myself the facts. If I was the one who had to do all the work, and it was me to pump it where it needed to be pumped, then, um??? What exactly is Kickstarter doing? What are they good for? Fact: Kickstarter will take a percentage that you raise for your project. Fact: They will do very little other then monitor your success or fails. I began to do the math and find the common denominator. What was the problem? The middle man had to go. Kickstarter, Gofundme, etc...They're simply there to make a percentage off you. They don't care about the project and why, if I love my art and what the Halloween Project is all about, why would I put it in something for others to judge if it was worth their time and donation? So I'm pulling the plug on the campaign at the 15 day mark. What happens after that? Why we switch to the KerryStarter campaign of course.

I'm doing my own campaign on my website.  Here is how it works:

$1. donation = name mention in the book

$10. donation = 16X20 Poster + Name mentioned in book.

$25. donation = Copy of The Halloween Project book + Name mentioned in book.  

$50. donation = Copy of Book and Poster, both items signed + Name mentioned in book.

Anonymous Donations = If you wish to remain anonymous then simply send cash or a Cashiers check.

Donations can be made by cash, check, money order, cashiers check, and of course Paypal. For Paypal my email is; Donate, help us make it happen, support the project, fund it, etc... Yes! My goal is $1,875. But any amount helps. The book and posters will come out, November of 2018. If you don't have a Paypal account but wish to donate, then send to this address: 1601 E Willow Drive, Olathe Ks, 6062. I will be moving soon, so I will update the address when I'm settled.

Thank you to everyone!!!

Kerry Ray Tracy